Stephanie Elgersma started her career in Vancouver (CA), graduating from the acting program at Studio 58. Acting highlights include roles with The Only Animal, Ensemble Theatre Company, star star Theatre, and Pacific Theatre. Stephanie also has written, produced, and performed two solo shows. She then shifted her attention to puppetry and moved to London (UK) to pursue this goal. She has studied with puppetry icons such as Sue Buckmaster, Mervyn Millar, Sandglass Theatre, Pickled Image, and Blind Summit. She has also worked as a puppeteer for House of Cats Theatre and a music video for Alexis Taylor. Stephanie then expanded her practice into puppet making: she interned with award-winning puppeteer and fabricator Oli Smart; worked on 101 Dalmatians for the Birmingham Rep. The majority of her making work has been with Nick Barnes Puppet Studio, where she assisted on shows for Les Petits, The Old Vic, and Disney Paris. Most recently, Stephanie has turned her attention to directing puppets. She was brought back to Vancouver to co-create, design, and direct Zoetrope - a 10-person non-verbal puppet show set to music - and most recently directed the puppetry in Skyborn: A Land Reclamation Odessey for the PuSh Festival. She also coaches puppetry, and directed puppets for Blackheath Halls Opera in London. Stephanie continues to work in both cities. 

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