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height:   5 feet 11 inches

eye colour:   blue

hair:   silver (natural)

vocal range:   mezzo-soprano

natural accent:   Canadian

accents:   American (Int'l, Regional), Irish, British (RP), Dutch



Puppetry Design & Making with Jimmy Grimes (Brunskill and Grimes), London, UK :: January 2019

Puppetry Training with Sue Buckmaster (Theatre Rites), London, UK :: November 2017

Rethinking Tabletop with Chris Pirie (Green Ginger) and Mark Down (Blind Summit), Workshop Assistant, Bristol, UK :: Sept 2017 

How to Work with Puppets with Emma Williams, Workshop Assistant, Bristol, UK :: September 2017

Puppetmaking Internship on 'First Hippo on the Moon' with Finn Caldwell and Nick Barnes, London, UK ::  October - December 2016

Puppets and Text with Mervin Millar (Significant Object), Edinburgh :: October 2016

Puppetry Internship with Oliver Smart (Folded Feather), London, England  ::  November 2015 - March 2016

Intro to Extreme Puppetry with Mark Down (Blind Summit), London, England  ::  December 2015

Clowning & Puppetry with Dik Downey, Adam Blake (Pickled Image), London, England  ::  November 2015

Breath in Manipulation with Eric Bass, Ines Zeller Bass (Sandglass Theater), London, England  ::  October 2015

Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive with Peter Balkwill (The Old Trout Puppet Workshop), Banff, Alberta  ::  January 2014

Intro to Clown with Michael Kennard (Mump and Smoot). Vancouver, BC  ::  December 2013

Breath Movement with Alisa Kort, Vancouver, BC  ::  2013

Canada's National Voice Intensive with David Smuckler, Judith Koltai, Gary Logan, Dale Genge, Ian Raffel, Gerry Trentham, Dawn

McCaugherty, Cindy Block, Brad Gibson, Vancouver, BC  ::  May 2012

Studio 58  ::  graduated with distinction  ::  2008-2011

Acting: Scott Bellis, Katrina Dunn, Wendy Gorling, Jane Heyman, David Hudgins, Alison Kelly, Kathryn Shaw  Voice: Dale Genge,

Brad Gibson   Movement: Catherine Lee, Brad Gibson, Kathleen McDonagh, Chick Snipper   Physical Theatre: Wendy Gorling,

Alison Kelly Choir: Brian Tate   Singing: Diane Speirs   Tap: Frankie Kerr   Acting for the Camera: Michelle Bjornson, Susan Hogan,

Carol Kelsay Speech: Ian Raffel  Solo Show: David Bloom, Anita Rochon, Deborah Williams  Playwriting: Aaron Bushkowsky  Production: Carol Chrisjohn, Bruce Kennedy, Sherri Sadler

2010 - present

Selected Theatre Credits

2010 - present

Film Credits


Selected Design Credits

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